naynaaaaaaaay: Omg, your puns! They kill me!!!! Where do they all come from? Ahahaha

ahhaha thanks, glad to know you enjoy stupid dumb puns like me XD hum idk where they all come from ?? lol but i think (at least for me and maybe for many other people) they kinda come naturally because free! and the chara are still fun to play with ? there’s a lot of angst now (and wtf shitty stuff too unfortunately) but the chara are all so adorkable, their relationships are all so precious, the show when we forget about the last 2 episodes’ angst, is still enjoyable, so all this helps in feeling playful and make stupid jokes XD and i’m not the only one making dumb puns, being in the fandom and talking, joking with others is also fun XD<333

derpkip: Hi! I want to get your opinion on something: What do you think if Haru decides to move to Australia? I'm so scared that this is going to happen and I wanted to ask another super-MakoHaru fan like yourself. ;~; It makes me sad just thinking that Haru and Makoto would be that far apart. Even though I know they'd stay friends (coughboyfriendscough) forever even at that distance, but it would break my heart if it really did happen... Also I love your blog! Your comics are the cutest. :3

Hi^^ thank you<3 I’m glad you love my blog and comics<333 ahah thank you for asking my opinion XD (the rest under “read more” because again i easily got carried away…)

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nobledukeofyork: Ne, Racyue-san. Many makoharu fans hated ep12 because of the RH fanservice. I understand them a little but it's more of I don't understand them at the same time. I mean, I CAN stand watching Rin and Haru sharing the same bed together but I'm losing my wits whenever I remember Haru realized his dream in a span of few days, as if he had been living his whole life in denial that he doesn't swim to compete. How do you feel about the RH fanservice of ep12?

Well, like many MH shippers I know, I ranted about ep12 not really because of the RH fanservice (and well, I expected RH fanservice after ep11’s last 2 mins and preview… and tbh I didn’t think it was so bad ???), but because of the shittiest chara development ever… poor Haru T_T…  

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High Speed! 2: Chapter 10 - Feel


(Chapter 9)

The scan of the illustration is from sunyshore.

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blueoddish: Koala Haru! Omg xD you've got some serious power to transform him into the cutest things ever <3 I hope we get some kind of reconciliation like this one T-T

Thank you ahaha <333 
They should have the perfect reconciliation TT After all they are Makocalyptus Tatreebana X Koala Haru !!! 

homo-kitties: OOH RACYUE *huugs* your works are amazing!, you take alive the love in makoharu, you put the love in the baka couple, you come with your fluffy hearts and make us happy about the pairing!, i'm happy since i follow your blog! <3 <3

AWW thank youuuu  *makoharuhugs back* ♥(*ㅎω(ω`๑ *)♥ makoharu are too precious and adorkable, they are love themselves XD !!!! idk i just want them to be happy and together forever, make them happy as much as they make us happy 

airasage: Hello...I'm one of the lurkers in tumblr who has never posted anything before but your latest doodles for episode 12 makes me finally decide to post my first ever post >_< I'm one of the fangirls who was so disappointed and upset about how FREE! was going & have been feeling depressed (I avoided watching ep 11 & 12 but read the spoilers). I finally can laughed about epi 12 after your latest doodles. I can't thank you enough! I really love all the works you've done so far. Thanks again! >_<

Hi^^ aww thank you so much for your nice and cute message <3 !!! i feel you, i’m the same too, i’ve been depressed too because of how the show and precious charas were badly handled… but i love the characters too much to let them go T_T so i keep drawing them (and it helps me feel better too !!!) Actually I still have so many things i wanted to draw for makoharu !!! so you can expect more stupid doodles from me ^^<3333

akii19: omgosh your adorable little comics totally cheered me up ^^ so cute!!!

awww thank you, so happy to know my stupid comics can help cheer up 
✧*。(๑´ㅂ`๑) 人(ㅎ.ㅎ  ) ✧

mizukifree: I loved your comic, made ​​me feel a little better, you really are an inspiration to me are great

awwwwww ♥⁄(⁄ ⁄◜⁄ω⁄◝⁄ ⁄)⁄   i don’t know about being an inspiration to you, but i feel so honored thank you <333 !!