Holidays in Japan ✧*。( ˶′◡‵˶)♡(ㅎ.ㅎ )✧*

I’m leaving today for Japan for my holidays, I’ll stay in Tokyo and travel around for a total of 3 weeks ! So I won’t be able to draw and update my blog as much as before, so no drawing or comic for 3 weeks (ノω<;)… But I will try to post some nice pictures !!! (THE FIRST PLACE I WANT TO GO IS TO THE SHOP WHERE I CAN BUY MAKOHARU PLUSHIES ahaha)

✧(๑´▽`๑)人(ㅎ.ㅎ )人(≧з≦)人(⌐□_□)人(`w´)✧

secretly-a-magical-boy asked: "i love the way you draw butts u0u"

Ahaha Thank you ♥ ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶ ♥!!!

hmmmm i’ll have to think a bit more on rei. i’ve still gotta figure out what i’ll make nitori and sei too. =0=
but for now here’s what i got for rin!!!i think he doesn’t look too zombie like though….oh well aesthetics for the win
i’m doing proper costume designs for all of themSO SHHHH ABOUT THIS SNEAK PREVIEW OK &gt;wo)/
AAAH paradigmation&#160;!!!! OMG HE IS SO CUTE&#160;!!!! CUTEST ZOMBIE EVER&#160;!!!! SO MUCH BETTER THAN IN MY DREAM&#160;!!!! Hehehe yes aesthetics for the win XD

hmmmm i’ll have to think a bit more on rei. i’ve still gotta figure out what i’ll make nitori and sei too. =0=

but for now here’s what i got for rin!!!
i think he doesn’t look too zombie like though….
oh well aesthetics for the win

i’m doing proper costume designs for all of them


AAAH paradigmation !!!! OMG HE IS SO CUTE !!!! CUTEST ZOMBIE EVER !!!! SO MUCH BETTER THAN IN MY DREAM !!!! Hehehe yes aesthetics for the win XD

Anonymous asked: "I really love your blog <3"

Thank you !!!  ♥ ✧*。 (⁄ ๑⁄´⁄ω⁄`⁄ ๑⁄)⁄ ✧*♥(ㅎ_ㅎ  ) !!! (Please have some makoharu kaomoji with a blushing Makoto who is blushing like me)

we-pray-for-our-sorrows-to-end asked: "I know I've told you before, but I cannot get over your art it's just so CUTE. It's so precious and and so funny and you come up with the greatest little comics. Your art style is so unique and adorable and AH IT'S JUST SO CUTE. Also, you are such a sweet person too. I have never seen you been mean or rude and you always respond with kindness. I love your art, your blog, and you! I wish you the best and I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic day! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧"

Aw thank you again and again as always !! me I cannot get over thanking you <333 hehehe I’m so happy you still enjoy my comics so much <333 AWW *blush*(〃ノωノ) You are so sweet !!! Well as for me, everyone is so nice to me, so it’s normal I’m not rude or mean ! Even most of the anon aren’t rude (´ω`*)<3 ! Thank you thank you thank you, have a great makoharuful day / evening !!!! 

Anonymous asked: "Umm, how about possessive and jealous makoto?"

I guess he would be a Yandere! Makoto ? (I don’t really see Makoto as very jealous - It is more Haru (つ∀<。) !- but I think if Makoto is REALLY angry, he can turn into his Killer Whale Mode… And Idk if Haru is ever attacked by a pervert, Killer Whale Makoto would obvioulsy react  AND THIS PERVERT WOULD BE IN DANGER 

Makoto’s & Rin’s eyebrows appreciation post~


i just wanted to talk about

haru getting flustered/blushing because of makoto



MAKOTO: That’s true. Haru. 
MAKOTO: Thanks. 
HARUKA: …Y—Yeah. 
MAKOTO: Hey, the frying pan! The food’s burning! (x)

haru being sneaky and finding ways to get closer to makoto


(i’m pretty sure it would’ve been a lot easier to hand him the other earphone, haru. … unless of course u were planning on getting him right up close to your face)


(casually putting the bag out of the way so he can snuggle up to makoto and blowing on his hand right next to makoto so he’ll offer him his glove and they can hold hands the rest of the way ok ok cool)

haru being jealous/possessive of makoto

HARUKA: It’s fine. But why the sudden request to teach you how to cook? Are you making food for someone? 
MAKOTO: Yeah. 
HARUKA: …Who? (x)

"For someone who never talked about himself, Haruka certainly knew everything about Makoto. He made sure he knew everything." (x)

haru treasuring makoto’s smile

"When Haruka headed off to swim practice, once he’d left his house, he’d go the rest of the way by bike. After he got home from school, he would shove everything he needed into his bag and then hurry out of the foyer. After descending the stone steps, he would look up at Makoto’s house. Makoto’s house was pressed in close, facing the stone steps, and the stairs leading up to its entryway stretched to meet the base of shrine’s stairway. Usually he timed it so that he could meet up with Makoto and his smile, but today it looked like Makoto was running late.” (x


haru being protective of makoto

"Haruka wasn’t scared. It was just that this eeriness that he couldn’t understand was noisy in his chest, making him feel restless. He didn’t know what the line of people meant, but there was no denying that something about it was frightening Makoto.

Haruka grabbed Makoto’s hand, which had been clutching the hem of his shirt, and quickly ran far, as far as he could get, from the line of people.” (x)



haru waiting for makoto





makoto waiting for haru




haru wanting to spend his whole life with makoto at his side

"Probably, without even a trace of doubt,
I’ll keep relying on the hand that supports me as I move forward.
We will both probably repeat endlessly this cycle of encouraging and depending on each other.” (x)

and makoto wanting the same

"I want to walk by your side at our usual pace
In the sea breeze from now on and forever.” (x)